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Post by Avery Cressant on Wed Feb 10, 2016 1:03 pm

We operate a three strike rule here. A staff member will give you a warning, the second time you will receive a punishment based on the offense, this could be being banned for a period (A few days, a week ect) or it could be that you have stat points removed from your character. The Third time is a permanent ban. Remember these are guidelines. If your crime is exceptionally bad you WILL be banned first.

Fair Warning.

  • Regarding post length, you are not allowed to have single-sentenced posts. We are not requiring much by asking for a couple sentences or paragraphs. There is always a lot to write about, but people do not ever use the numerous things that there are to write about in their posts. I recommend that you take note of your character’s thoughts and appearance.

  • No spam, double posts, or OOC (out of character) posts in the IC (in character) or other formal boards. Spam is defined here as any random and, for lack of a better word, stupid comment. Double-posts are almost completely unnecessary. The only instance in which one may break this rule is in the character creation area, in order to post your updates and whatnot. OOC posts here are those “[Insert OOC comment here]” things that are sometimes included at the head of posts in order to inform everyone about some background or other pertinent information. Post that in the rp, it adds length to your post.

  • Godmodding and metagaming are not allowed here, or anywhere else for that matter. What these mean is moving someone’s character or causing them to do something without the other person’s consent. You may not say what their character does, or if they get hit by an attack or not. That is up to them, though everyone is asked to use common sense when determining if they get hit or not. If it was unavoidable, then you should be hit, period. Metagaming is just building an uber-character that will not, or cannot, die.

  • No excessive swearing/ cussing in the RP. Though we do allow some vulgarities, if it appears that this is all you live for, don’t be surprised when you receive some form of admonishment from us.

  • Proper grammar and punctuation are to be followed, because that is common sense. We donw ant post lyk tis. It really isn’t that hard to proof read, and it is suggested that you type anything up using Microsoft Word, or any equivalent program.

  • A player character can not be killed unless permission is given by the character's owner. However if the person isn't responding to inquiry, seek permission from a mod or admin if you cannot get the owner's permission.

  • NSFW things stay in PM, one exception is in the RolePlay section. Anything not child-friendly will call for an immediate ban, the point system does not apply is these cases. Ever.

Different people like to use different styles of RPing, so to avoid confusion, all rp will be conducted in first person and in paragraphs.
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