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Kai Locket - Human Empty Kai Locket - Human

Post by Ranmaru on Mon Mar 14, 2016 5:00 pm

Name: Kai Locket
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: The Happy-Go-Lucky type with a heart of gold! He loves pretty much anyone and everyone he comes across, and it takes a LOT to get on his bad side. Very forgetful and often lost in thought, many question his thought process and worry for his safety. He can't find it in him to turn away from anyone in need. Kai has a tendency to need to be near someone at all times and tends to make rash, hasty decisions.

Appearance (Once I get my tablet working I can provide an awesome picture! Or if I get time I'll do a sketch!):

Standing at six feet tall, he still manages to mesmerize people with his deep sea-green eyes against his dark, naturally tan skin. They hold a softness to them with a gentle, beautiful smile to reinforce it. His coiffured hair is a deep chocolate brown and sits well kept from behind, stopping at his neck, but with a messy  side sweep to his left from the front. His cheeks are baby-ish with a light rosie-ness to them, though faint, against his hawkish nose. He has no imperfections on his body. His fluctuation attracted many eyes with his graceful and fluid motion and a soft voice filled with amazement and curiosity. His body appears slim and fragile but is actually rather toned with light muscle due to his company pushing him to stay healthy. Kai will wear anything that's trending, but also has a keen sense to stand out, and goes for outfits most would gawk at. He wears dark brown pants with an even darker shade of brown shoes. A black vest sits across his torso that mimics that of a knights chainmail armor except it is sleeveless and has a center ladder of little chain buttons keeping it tight in place. Over the chainmail vest, Kai wears an open red, no-zip jacket with a side cape that drapes over his right thigh and stretches down to the top of his shoes (It appears symmetrical from front to back). The cape's edge is lined in black to match his black cuffs and lined black half-collar that hugs his neck closely. Of course no one can forget the yellow crown clipped neatly on the left side of his head at an angle decorated with deep blue, green and red gems around the circumference.

SO: Whoever can manage to get passed the friend zone?

Likes: Fashion baby!! Family and friends! Totally shopping! Very Happy Helping others! Seeing his face in the media
Dislikes: Fashion disasters, heights, reading-unless it's stylish magazines, being sick - he does not handle it well

Traits/Skills: He has good connections, Extremely loyal, Can give good speeches when he actually tries

Item: He has an enchanted crown that his elder sister gave him to protect him from evil intentions. However, he merely sees it as fashionable and has no idea that it even does anything.......

Too trusting/oblivious!! A murderer could have clear intentions and be in the same room trying to kill him and Kai probably wouldn't even notice it.
Extremely Gullible!! Anyone can trick him into believing there's a button on the ceiling, wait 10 minutes, and get him with the same gag at least 4 more times before he becomes suspicious. Heck, someone can even get him to believe he needs to register his pen before he's allowed to use it!
A total klutz!


Mother - Rayona Locket (Alive and well)
Father - Brennigham Locket (Alive and well)
Elder Sister - Wisteria Locket (Alive and well)

Too many to count!!

Bio: Conceited and spoiled, he probably got most of his quirks from his father who had literally dropped Kai off the balcony mistakenly while turning to greet his wife. Luckily his sister was always there to keep him out of trouble. Another notable family incident was when his family nearly went bankrupt after his mother had left Kai alone with their money. Kai has since been well known for his charity donations and visiting many volunteer events to help out when he gets away from his job as a professional model! That's right! Kai loves the fashion industry and loves his job seeing as he gets to try on new clothes and meet new people, and occasionally travel! His current residence is a rather fancy apartment in the center of the big city starting at the tenth story! Kai's family will occasionally stop by to make sure Kai is still alive, but tend to live in a different town. His elder sister had moved out long ago and works as a fulltime gym teacher.

Bonus Fun/Extras:

Theme Song:
OMFG- Hello

Happy Theme:

Sad Theme:

Frightened Theme:

Fight Theme:

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Kai Locket - Human Empty Re: Kai Locket - Human

Post by Avery Cressant on Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:15 pm

Oh jeez, I'm so sorry!! I've been very busy. Welcome and you're character's accepted!
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