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Post by Avery Cressant on Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:54 pm

Name: Avery Cressant
Age: 37
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (thinks both guys & girls look 'hot')
Romantic Orientation: Hetero-Romantic (self explanatory)
Personality: too cynical... she sees little or no good in other people, believing that people do good things for bad reasons and also places trust in no one except herself, although she usually keeps her thoughts to herself and is polite.
Dislikes/Likes: any wet animal, fruit / snakes, dragons
Appearance: Long whiteish blonde hair pulled back into a tight braid with a dark purple ribbon, amethyst eyes and white, almost colorless skin. Short, being only 3'7" tall and considerably thin as well. Ash is fairly strong, and has considerable muscle mass, despite her brother's incessant teasing.
She wears a dark purple skirt that reaches mid-thigh and a lavender blouse with a thin purple girtle around her ribs. She also wears a purple Haori and detached sleeves that go from her elbow to her wrists and are the same color as her skirt.
Weapons: Two flint lock pistols, one holstered on each hip, and a cutlass, for good measure. She relies on the pistols as a last resort, as they take too long to reload for practicality.
Power: Elemental Magic - The elements she can create and use are Earth, Air, Ice Water, Darkness, Fire, Light, Plasma, and Electricity. She can form certain weapons from each element or simply use an element or a combination of several elements to fight with or even create small solid things and make them harden. (For instance if he wanted to give someone something she could make it out of water and it would solidify, allowing it to be held and such). Each element has its own color, Fire is red-orange. Water is azule. Darkness is black-grey. Light is pale yellow. Electricity is glowing white. Air is opaque green. Earth is brown. Ice is white-blue. Plasma is lavender. Only certain elements can be combined:
Fire, air, darkness, electricity, light, plasma
Water, darkness, light, air, ice
Darkness, fire, electricity, earth, air, plasma, ice
Light, fire, plasma, electricity, earth, air, ice
Electricity, plasma, fire, darkness, air, light
Air, earth, darkness, light, plasma, water, ice, fire
Earth, air, darkness, light, ice
Ice, water, darkness, light, air, earth
Plasma, electricity, light, darkness, fire, air
Extraordinary Ability: Transformation - She can change from her human form to a stage in between human and angel, as well as herangel form, which she only uses in dire emergencies. Half-angel she has a cracked halo above her head, full human is as described above.

  • Henry - Husband - Dead
  • Cassandra and Gwendolyn - Daughters (Twins) - Alive (if anyone wishes to make a form for and use Cassy, go right ahead!)

Backstory: Avery lived a very lonely life. Her parents were sick all the time so she never went to school and constantly cared for them until she was eleven. When she was eleven, her mother passed away which stressed her father and hastened his death. She soon after started going to school and discovered bullies for the first time. She ignored them for the most part, only defending her parents when they were brought up. When she graduated she was almost twenty, despite her efforts to hasten her grades. She had developed a laugh and joking personality and had actually begun to acknowledge people. The first on that list was Henry Jacobson. He became her husband when she just turned 22, on the day before Halloween. A year and a day later she gave birth to twins, but died in delivery. At her passing, she was made an angel and watched over her family, but she noticed something alarming: Henry wasn't caring for the children as he should have been. She watched for years and got fed up, and manipulated the world around them causing Henry to be killed. She knew the price was a rank of fallen angel, but she also knew fallen angels could interact with humans, and so she did. Acting as her children's foster parent.
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